Monday, April 20, 2009

Blooming Bows!

Part of the fun of having a little girl is getting her all dressed up in frilly dresses and bows! My new favorite bows have all come from! Check out their website! My favorite bow so far is the one Raylee wore for Easter. It is pink (but comes in all different colors) and has maribou on it (think feather boa!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Resurrection is the only thing that matters!

Happy Easter! Well, our Easter has been a little low key, as the entire Toney family is sick (except for us) and so we cancelled our family get together. My sister is in town, so the four of us (Michael, Chandra, Raylee and me) went to church and to brunch. This made me a little sad, because I am use to big family holiday celebration, but it also made me realize that the reason we celebrate Easter has nothing to do with Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, or really even family celebrations. It has everything to do with Jesus! As our pastor said this morning, "The resurrection is the only thing that matters!" Our entire faith is built around this one occurrence, and there is factual evidence to back up our beliefs. For those that don't believe that Jesus is God, then it is false and rather presumptuous to claim that he was just a "moral leader." If Jesus was only a man, then he was either a legend, a liar, or a lunatic. He could not have been just a moral teacher, because he claimed his own divinity, and liars are never considered "moral." He wasn't crazy, or he wouldn't have been respected, and he wasn't a legend because history (secular history) proves he lived. Therefore, he is our Lord! This is THE most important decision we can make in our lives...our faith. If you haven't taken the time to consider and ponder this concept, please take this holiday and find some time to figure out the real reason behind our celebration. Most of my ideas here were taken from the Watermark sermon by Todd Wagner ( You can check out his other sermons (or this one) on the website.

Ok, so I am done "preaching" and I now I want to brag on my little one. We went to church for the first time since she was born (six weeks ago) and she was so great! She slept the whole time, and was also adorable in her Easter outfit. Here are some pics!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun with cousins!

On Thursday night, Raylee and I went to stay with Mamarae while daddy and PapaJ were in Las Vegas. We had lots of fun addressing baby announcements. Below is the announcement we are sending out. Amy Columbus was our photographer and she did an amazing job! Check her out at Then on Friday we had lunch with Auntie Ashley and Uncle Stephen and the twins, Ava and Cambrie. We had fun with our cousins, and I am so excited for Raylee to have cousins so close to her age! I was really close with my cousins and aunts and uncles growing up and I really want that for Raylee. Here are some pics of the girls and one of my own cousins! The last pictures are of us dressed up to go to a wedding.